What You Need to Consider When Choosing an Electric Gate Kit

May 17, 2021

What You Need to Consider When Choosing an Electric Gate Kit

If you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your manual gates to automatic electric gates, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. When opting for an electric gate kit, the current size and setup of your gates plays a huge part in whether you’ll be able to easily complete this upgrade to your home security. Gates are an easy way to provide additional security to your home, and automatic gates offer one step higher protection than manual gates can do. When comparing Yorkshire electric gates with Adfabs Automated Gates, we recommend keeping the following items in mind before going ahead with your project.

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The Weight of Each Gate Leaf 

While you obviously can’t physically weigh each gate leaf, the age of your gates can be a good indication of their weight. The older your metal gates are, the heavier they are likely to be. Older gates were typically made of solid metal, whereas newer ones are hollow and usually much lighter. If you do have wrought iron gates in your home, you’ll likely need to look at hydraulics to power these. If you can’t find the information about the weight of your gates or are feeling a bit clueless, choose a kit that offers more than you think you need. Heavier gates generally go for underground kits, as they will be more effective than aboveground kits.

The Length of Each Gate Leaf 

The length of each gate leaf is also influenced by the type of gate you plan to have, whether that’s sliding or swing gates. Sliding gates need enough room for the gate to travel back fully. If you aren’t sure whether you have enough space in your home, you’ll need to be able to fit double the length of the gate, plus more space for the gate motor which sits at the end of it. Calculating the true distance in advance can minimise future issues, as you don’t want to have your heart set on sliding gates to find out it’s not a suitable option for your home further down the line.

Swing gates are a little easier to plan for, as you’ll just need to ensure the length of the gate leaf can open without getting in the way of anything surrounding it. If you are parking cars very close to your gate, ensure you have enough room for them to park and move about freely without the risk of hitting the gate.

Powering Your Electric Gate Kit 

Electric gates today are generally powered by mains or solar power. Solar polar is gaining more attention around the world, however, if you are looking to add extras to your gate, this won’t be an option. If an intercom, safety device, or keypad is important to you, then you’ll want to avoid this option as it won’t offer enough power for this operation. Solar power also varies between summer and winter, with up to eight operations a day possible in winter and double that in summer.

Mains power is the more traditional option and allows you to upgrade your gates with security and an intercom. Ensure you know where your nearest mains power is to the site of your gates, and from there, you’ll need to prepare for an armoured cable to be used to power the gate. This isn’t a cheap or quick process, as your drive will be dug up to allow this to be fitted. Always use a professional service such as Adfabs Automated Gates to ensure no damage is done to your driveway or home during this process.

Preparing your Driveway for Electric Gate Installation 

Depending on the type of electric gate kit you opt for, that will have a huge impact on the groundwork needed for your installation. An electric gate automation kit may use an aboveground system or wireless system, which can help to avoid installing underground motors or using a conduit across your driveway. If you are unsure about what you’ll need to prepare in advance of the installation of your electric fence gate kit, speak to a professional team who can advise you of whether your desired gates are possible.

If you are looking for Yorkshire electric gates, don’t hesitate to contact Adfabs Automated Gates, who will be able to advise you about the options available to you based on your driveway and the space available to you. Once your installation is complete, ensure you consider the need for regular electric gate maintenance in Yorkshire.Adfabs Automated Gates offer electric gate repairs in Yorkshire, as well as any other services you may need once your installation is complete. When looking to improve your home security, electric gates are one of the best investments you could make for your home and your property, and by using a qualified team of professionals, you’ll enjoy the benefits of this installation for years to come.

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