Planning Permission for Electric Gates

Jun 1, 2021

Planning Permission for Electric Gates

Adding electric gates to your commercial or residential property can offer many benefits to property owners this year. However, one of the top concerns for individuals today is whether they need planning permission to begin this project. Today we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about adding electric gates to your home and whether planning permission is required for this safety and security solution. View more here about adding electric gates to your home this year.

Do You Need Planning Permission to Add Electric Gates to Your Property?

If you plan to do any building work on your private or commercial property, you’ll need to discuss the requirements for planning permission with your local council or planning authority. Planning permission is designed to avoid illegal construction and protect the environment and historical buildings from construction work. If you happen to live in an Area of National Beauty, you’ll find that these regulations are much stricter, which may make adding electric gates to your property more of a challenge. We always recommend that you take the time to check whether planning permission is required for your electric gate installation to avoid any issues further down the line. If you do find out that planning permission is required, it must be granted before you begin working with the electric gate company.

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Permitted Developments for Electric Gates

Certain developments are allowed to go ahead without planning permission for gates on a driveway. If your gates are opening out onto a private road, then you can add a two-metre-high gate without applying for planning permission. For any gates opening onto a public road, these gates can only be a maximum of one metre high. Anything higher than that, and you’ll need to get planning permission before adding your electric gates in Yorkshire. However, if there are already fences, walls or gates in the space, you can go ahead with the project without planning permission for your gate plans. Basically, if you are just replacing a current installation, you don’t have to worry about gaining any extra permission. But if the new Yorkshire electric gates go even just a couple of inches higher, you’ll need to consider whether planning permission is required.

Working With Your Neighbours

Before starting any project, we always recommend having the courtesy to talk to your neighbours before installing your gates. When you are applying for planning permission, explain to them what the project will entail and how long it will last. This can prevent any frustration during the construction and an uncomfortable situation with your neighbours. We know that having builders and vehicles around your home may be an inconvenience to them during the time, so the more notice and information you can provide them with, the better your relationship will be in the future.

The Risks of Not Applying for Planning Permission

If you are thinking to yourself, do I need planning permission to install electric gates, we always recommend you confirm this fact before going ahead with the project. There are many risks associated with going ahead with a project without planning permission. Unfortunately, many individuals today take this risk, which can result in problems even years or decades in the future. While you may think you get away with the work initially, when you come to sell your property in the future, this may all backfire on you. If you don’t receive planning permission for your electric gates, your local authority can ask you to remove your new electric gates immediately. These measures are put in place to protect your local area, and we are sure you wouldn’t want other unsightly features added to properties surrounding you.

Restrictions aren’t just put in place for aesthetic reasons, and safety is usually of paramount concern. If you do apply for planning permission and find that it’s denied, you can ask why this permission was granted and work to reapply with updated plans. We understand that this can sound like a very daunting process, but usually, it’s quick and easy to speak to a member of your local planning authority and establish whether this application is needed in the first place.

Electric gates offer many benefits to homeowners today, which you’ll appreciate for many years to come. However, to enjoy these electric gate advantages, you’ll want to ensure your construction project is legal and suitable for your property to avoid the need for adjustments and electric gate repairs in Yorkshire. A quick phone call to your local council can help you to understand if planning permission is needed for your project and what the application process involves. The team at your local council will be grateful that you have had the courtesy to consider planning permission and will be more than happy to discuss the requirements for electric gates in your area.

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