Single and Double Gates

All our custom built single and double leaf electric gates are handcrafted in Yorkshire by Adfabs engineers who understand the importance of quality

Electric Gates – Single leaf and Double Leaf.

 At Adfabs Automated Gates, we build completely bespoke metal gates to meet your own personal taste. We are aware of how diverse our customers are and strive to meet your expectations.

We can create gates in your chosen design as well as railings and panels and other architectural metal structures intended to compliment the access to your property.


. It is a standard practice that installations carried out by Adfabs Engineers will involve the posts being sunk and concreated in place. If this is not an option, you have the option to have posts mounted on baseplates and screwed to the ground, or the gates can be hung on posts already in place.

All automated gates require a power input of 240v. Our engineers are trained in laying the armoured cables to ensure the power supply from the property is laid safely and inline with current regulations

All our gates come with a plethora of difference automation and safety options.

Additional features include


A GSM intercom is a system that uses mobile phone technology. It allows you to speak to visitors to your property gate and if required open the gate to allow them access, even while you are not at the property. This works by the visitor pressing a call button at the gate, which will dial either a land line or your mobile phone (the call can be transferred to several different numbers in case you are unable to answer). The receiver of the call then has the option to press a button on the phone to allow access.

This unit provides and an additional security feature as when a person dials the intercom, it will always appear as if there is a person in the property.


The GSM controller is a remote control that will send a signal from anywhere worldwide by dialling a free number or sending a free text to open and close gates, garage doors and door entry systems. This requires no pin numbers or keys. .

GSM controllers are mainly used for domestic properties or properties such as flats where there will be access needed by many people, but security is still required.

A GSM controller can store up to 200 numbers, which will be managed by the ‘owner’ of the system.


Gate timers are used with electric gates, barriers, garage doors and bollards installations. The timer is used to manage when the gates remain open or closed (ie for opening times), or to manage how long the gates stay open after entry or exit has ben made.

These are a great way to ensure longevity of your installation by controlling access and reducing wear and tear on the operating system when there are times where the use could be excessive. .


Adfabs installations always have safety in the fore front of our designs. We provide as standard all required safety edges to prevent against trapping and crushing while the gate is in motion. They are used on all gates which carries a risk.

Safety edges are made of a contact strip which is designed to detect contact that should not be there. This then triggers an automatic stop. Our safety edges are covered with a rubber profile to additional safety.

To be the most effective, the safety edge should match the size of the space. We recommend that a full risk assessment of the proposed installation be carried out prior to the installation to highlight any potential risks that may occur.

Photo Cells

As part of our installs we use photo cells, either internally or externally, or both. Photo cells are an essential safety element to the install and the main aim of them is to stop the gates motion if it detects something foreign within its range.

The work using infrared light beams that go from cell to cell (fitted either side of the entry road).