Residential electric gates you can trust 

At Adfabs, we manufacture, supply, and install custom-designed electric gates to meet your specifications and requirements.   

Manufactured to a high standard and installed in line with all Health and Safety regulations, you can relax in the knowledge that when you work with Adfabs, you’re guaranteed quality and high standards always. 

Our range of residential electric gate systems are the perfect solution for driveway installation.  

Providing you with increased security and high levels of privacy, these gates also offer convenience, style, and value. 

With a great wealth of experience, our teams are fully trained in all types of electric gates  


Trust us; there is no gate either small or a driveway too big that we can’t help you with. 

Adding a touch of style and increasing the perceived value of your property, call us today on 01274 307 117 to find out more. 

Modern gates for houses 

There is a range of electric gates available, from wood to aluminium, sliding to swing. 

Of course, the gate you choose will depend on your requirements and specifications, i.e., what do you want these gates to achieve?  What is your reason, your motivation for these gates? 

Types of electric driveway gates to choose from include: 


Metal gates come in a vast range of styles and designs.  From geometric patterns, arches, curves, and more, metal gates can offer a touch of class and elegance, increasing the perceived value of a property and more.  

Metal gates are also easy to maintain; however, compared to their wooden counterparts, they don’t offer as much privacy (however, you could always opt for wooden infills, which would provide you with the benefit of both materials). 

Our wrought iron gates are customised to meet your design specifications and requirements perfectly.  Hard-wearing, strong, and durable, these gates offer style, sophistication, and longevity.  Metal gates can also be powder coated to any colour you prefer and can be installed as stand-alone gates or fixed to pillars and brick walls. 


Wooden gates naturally enhance the look and feel of any property.  Aesthetically pleasing, wooden gates create a sense of high security and high cost.  Offering character in abundance, wooden gates from Adfabs are available in hardwood or softwood (what you opt for will depend on the look and feel you want to achieve, and your professional gate engineer will be able to talk you through all of the options).  Wooden domestic electric gates also offer complete privacy from the outside world.  

Wooden gates are a popular choice, offering high-quality, luxury, elegance, and increased privacy and security. 


If you want to improve safety and security around your home, aluminium electric gates are strong, available in various colours, and act as an excellent deterrent for potential intruders.  

Due to the lightweight material, you can design aluminium gates to suit your surroundings.   

Rust and corrosion-resistant aluminium gates can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, and unlike wood, their rigid structure won’t warp over time.  With secure opening and shutting mechanisms, Adfabs provide high-quality aluminium swing and sliding gates. 



Estate gates are made from steel and galvanised to protect them from rust and early corrosion; these gates are made to last.  From flat tops to curves and arches, the choice is yours. 

Wooden infills 

Stunningly beautiful electric gates that immediately add value to any property.  Providing you with high levels of privacy and security, these gates are perfect for larger entrance ways due to their heavy-duty styling.  

They’re also more cost-effective compared to solid wood gates, providing you with a great alternative. 


We’re pleased to offer all customers a range of residential electric sliding gates manufactured and fitted to the highest standards.  With options relating to tracks, exposed wheels, and more, sliding gates are a great option where space is limited.  Ideal for managing security, people coming in and out of the property, traffic control, etc., these gates are also suitable for uneven surfaces and areas.


Swing gates, traditionally found on residential properties, come with simple controls for operation and can be further enhanced (if required) with CCTV, smart cameras, and even phone entry systems.  Great for providing a sense of grandeur and elegance to any home, swing gates are a popular choice. 

For a comprehensive quotation, call 01274 307 117. 

Gates by Adfabs 

We supply high-quality security gates for homes that enhance your property and provide you with the right level of safety and security to meet your needs. 

All of our gates are manufactured and installed by skilled and trained professionals.   

We can also galvanise and powder coat all gates to ensure longevity, and we only use the very best materials manufactured to the highest standards. 

What’s more, we can custom-make all of our gates, working with you to ensure the gate you want is the gate you get.  

Working together to create your perfect bespoke design with a vast selection of gates to choose from, call us today on 01274 307 117 to get started. 

Why Adfabs? 

With years of experience, our team is on hand to help you make the best decision for your property.  From wood to aluminium, we have the right gate to suit your requirements.  We work to any space, size, and specification – finding the right solution for you is what we do best. 

We offer: 

  • High quality 
  • Years of experience 
  • Trained professionals 
  • Compliance with all regulations and guidance 
  • Bespoke, customised solutions 
  • Full guarantees on all gates and installation 

We’re also: 

  • Fully insured and qualified 
  • Follow all current legislation and guidance relating to electric gates 
  • Available to carry out annual safety checks and inspections to ensure your gates remain in good working order. 

Leading gate installation specialists you can trust. 

Creating the perfect first impression

Whether you opt for a residential electric sliding gate or an electric swing gate, you can rest assured you will have style, quality, and ease of operation at your fingertips. 

Electric gates are growing in popularity, providing you with convenience (no longer do you have to open and shut gates manually) and peace of mind (children and pets are safe inside, and unwanted intruders are kept out). 

Adfabs has a wide range of residential gates available, and we’re always available to answer any queries or questions you might have. 

Driveway electric gates are an investment.  And when you choose wisely and work with the right, professional, and experienced team, it is a great investment to make. 

Call Adfabs today on 01274 307 117 or email your questions and requirements to