Can electric gates really be hacked?

Feb 25, 2021

Can electric gates really be hacked?

Not to scare people or to put you off choosing electric gates as an option to increase security around your property, but we have to be honest, yes, automatic gates can be hacked. 

However, and we stress this part, that’s not to say they will be; it’s just that it is possible. 

Today, in the world of digital and digital security, it almost comes as a challenge for cybercriminals and hackers to beat the latest security systems.  And when it comes to electric gates, just like a traditional lock and key system, automation offers its own problems. 

The main difference between traditional gate locking mechanisms and electric is that it isn’t always immediately apparent that you have been hacked with digital systems. 

But let’s get to the good news! 

The good news is there are tips and ways to minimise electric gate hacks, and even if a hack does occur, you can still protect your property. 

Automatic gates and their security 

When it comes to checking your gate security levels, we recommend that those electric gate models manufactured before 1993 be checked by your electric gate service team and potentially upgraded.  These electric gates are proven to be easily hacked, where opportunists hack automatic gate openers to gain entry. 

A professional automatic gate maintenance team will be able to check these systems out for you and offer you a suitable upgrade if necessary. 

Can someone hack my garage door opener? 

With the more modern automatic gates and garage door openers now using a rolling or hopping method that uses rolling or hopping codes, gaining access through hacking is now much more difficult. Offering you increased security and peace of mind; however, there are still a few more elements you should consider to help increase your digital security. 

How are the systems hacked? 

Electric gates are hacked through the transmission codes that are used to open and close the gates. 

A hacker uses specialist equipment to capture your gate’s code and gain control – however, let us be clear, this does require a lot of effort, equipment, and intelligence to hack our systems; it is not an easy job! 

Protecting against an electric gate hack attack 

Electric gates are renowned for providing a high-security level, which in return offers homeowners and commercial businesses peace of mind.  However, even electric gates can, unfortunately, fall victim to hacking. 

Preventative measures you can put in place to reduce the likelihood of this happening include: 

Checking your firewall settings 

If your electric gate runs through your internet system, you must make sure your connection is secure. 

Ideally, you should have a good, strong firewall in place, filtering information coming through the network, blocking a hacker’s access to your connection through the robust security measures set up. 

Adding additional security 

It is also recommended that you look to add a manual lock to the inside of your gate.  Engaging this lock if you plan on your gate being closed for long periods, so if you do have the misfortune of being hacked, you have a back-up security plan in place. 

Regular servicing and maintenance 

It’s important that once your electric gates have been installed, you don’t forget about them. 

You must carry out regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that security remains high and that the gate remains in perfect working order. 

For electric gate repair in Leeds, Adfabs is only a phone call away. 

Benefits outweigh the risks 

It’s important to remember that automatic gates still offer a high-security level deterring people from entering a property.  Offering your convenience, saving you time, and creating a property and look that is extremely aesthetically pleasing. 

Ensuring your gate is as tightly secure as possible is crucial.  Having a professional electric gate installation and maintenance team is key. 

At Adfabs, we take the time to check your full electric gate systems and their set up, ensuring that they are free from hacking.  

We aim to keep your gates safe and secure at all times, both in their functionality and their digital requirements. 

If you’re looking to install electric gates on your property or require automatic gate repairs in Leeds, call us on 01274 307117 today to find more.

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