Tips to consider when buying electric automatic gates

Mar 5, 2020

automated gates buying tips

Electric gates are not only great space savers; they’re also great at increasing the security around your property. 

With automatic gates no longer do you have to walk down your driveway to manually open the gates and let your visitors in!  Nor do you have to battle in bad weather, and debate who will get out of the car to open the gates! 

Automated gates are also great for the elderly and disabled, ultimately providing easy access to homes and properties, as well as offering that additional layer of security that everyone desires. 

However, when it comes to security and automated gates, not everyone knows a lot about the mechanics, so below we’ve pulled together some of our top tips as well as things to consider when speaking to your chosen electric gate manufacturer. 

Electric Gates – Buying Tips 

How will your gates be used? 

Commercial properties might make use of electric gates much more than private homeowners for example, and this is important as you need to think about the type of motor that needs to be used on the gates to keep them functioning effectively. 

You must also be comfortable operating and using your new gates, and at Adfabs Automated Gates, we provide full training on how to use your new gates safely, as well as a comprehensive look at the best motors for you and your gates! 

Make sure to check your sizes! 

All gate openings will be, and are, different, so it’s vital to make sure you get the right size.  We can’t emphasize how crucial size is because ultimately, gate openings are designed to work for set sized gates as they are manufactured to work with a specific weight.  You or your chosen gate manufacturer should always check your gate’s overall weight before purchasing your specific gate openers. 

Space is a big factor when looking at electric gates, and it can affect the type and style of gate you go for. 

For example, swing gates are great if you aren’t restricted in space, and you have the room to accommodate the angle of the opening. 

However, sliding gates are great space savers. Still, you must consider the motor (ensuring it is powerful enough to move the gate), the ground (should be level and sturdy), power supply, and cost (can depend on quality, materials, and size). 

When it comes to space and gates, you have the choice of bi-fold swing gates, sliding gates, telescopic gates, bi-parting sliders, around the corner sliders, and more! 

What’s your budget? 

Gates and openers can be expensive, so it’s important to know what you want, right from the start.  Working with a reputable electric gate manufacturer in Leeds who can provide you with a range of cost-effective and suitable options will definitely help! 

Maintenance is key 

Maintaining your electric gates regularly helps not only to increase the lifespan of the gates but also maintain their overall functionality.  

When it comes to electric gate repairs and maintenance, you must be aware of differing weather conditions.  For example, cold spells will affect iron and metal gates much more than what the summer months will. 

Abide by the law! 

There are rules and regulations surrounding electric gates, and again working with an experienced and professional installation team can put your mind at ease that you and your gates are fully compliant.  Things such as minimum clearance, electrical codes, testing, and more all need to be considered. 

Are your gates suitable and provide disabled access? 

You need to ensure that people can actually get in and out of your gate safely, making them accessible for all. 

Cameras can be a great option! 

Cameras, as an addition to the electric gates, are growing in popularity and help to provide an additional element of security and comfort to homeowners. 


Ultimately, you need to think about what you would like your gate to look like.  Do you prefer timber, iron, steel, aluminium, PVC? 

Working with a professional gate fabrication company to design and manufacture your electric gate, you can customise the look and design completely. 

Installed by professionals 

Trust us; your gates should only be installed by professionals.  We have seen a lot, and we mean a lot of gates poorly fitted and not working correctly due to poor installation.  Don’t waste your time and money, call an experienced team, like Adfabs Automated Gates today. 

Benefits of automatic gates 

As well as providing safety and security, automatic gates can also help to add value to your life as well as property. 

You can also sit in your car or the comfort of your home while gates open! 

Electric gates can also be a status symbol, as well as a way to keep children and pets out of harm’s way! 

Installing electric gates represents an extremely high level of security, and choosing the right, and most suitable gate for you is vital. 

If you’re looking to buy electric gates and you’re based in Leeds or throughout Yorkshire, make sure to call the team at Adfabs Automated Gates, on hand now to take your call.

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