Electric Gate not working – Let us help!

Mar 25, 2021

Electric Gate not working – Let us help!

Electric gates are renowned for offering homeowners and commercial properties great security and a high level of convenience. 

What’s more, electric gates rarely stop working for no apparent reason, which means luckily, a professional automatic gate repair team can fairly quickly diagnose the problem. 

Broken or faulty gates that now seem to be locked in the open or shut position can be a big inconvenience. It’s also unsafe, making the gates unstable, and these issues need to be rectified sooner rather than later. 

To help answer the most popular questions with electric gates, “why do my electric gates keep opening and how do you close an electric gate manually the team at Adfabs has pulled together some top maintenance tips and areas to check to get your gates back up and running in no time. 

However, if you are unsure, or if the problem seems to be bigger than you first thought, please make sure you call the professionals – call Adfabs. 

Electric gate troubleshooting 

Check your safety sensors and photocells 

All electric gates are fitted with what are known as photocells/safety sensors. These devices are installed for safety reasons, fitted at either side of the gate, sending an infrared beam to each other. If this beam is broken while your gate is moving, it will signal the gates to stop and potentially go back into auto-reverse so as not to cause an accident or injury.   

Ultimately, they help stop electric gates closing on vehicles and people! 

Your gate sensors are the first place to check for problems if your gates aren’t working. Checking that nothing is blocking your sensors is key. Even the smallest of obstacles can stop gates from closing correctly.   

Clearing away leaves and plants that may blow into the sensor’s path and removing any overhanging branches etc., that may be pressing down on the safety strips causing your gate to remain closed is a big area of maintenance that must be kept on top of. 

If you believe the problem with your gates to be linked to your safety sensors, we’d recommend turning off the power so the opener stops working altogether. When this process is initiated, you will be able to allow the call box to release the gate to get it back to its original place. You can then turn the power back on, and if there is a light displayed, this will indicate a problem with your sensors. 

With sliding gate safety sensors and swing gate loop sensors, you will be able to spot any obstructions or damage straight away, as, on these types of gates, elements are clearly visible. 

Sometimes cobwebs and small insects might be the cause of the problem; however, we’d also recommend checking for moisture and misalignment. 

Keep tracks and rails clean and clear 

First and foremost, on any occasion where your gate will not close properly, you should inspect the gate’s path, checking for any obstructions or anything that may be in the gate’s way. 

Both swing and sliding gates suffer from dirt and debris getting caught in the tracks, and removing such issues should fix the gate in no time. 

Ideally, tracks and rails that your gates run on must be regularly serviced so that your gate’s smooth opening and closing action continues. Removing any dirt and debris, leaves, stones, etc., that may have been caught up in the area will prevent clogging up the mechanism and help you keep your gate moving. 

Batteries don’t last forever 

Suppose your electric gates aren’t working, and your gate operates via a wireless photocell or safety edge transmitter. In that case, you will need to remember to replace your batteries before they fail.  

(You’d be surprised how many securities gates repairs Leeds we get called to as electric gates no longer open….because the batteries in the fob are dead!) 

If you have a remote control, it’s important to remember batteries will also need replacing as dud batteries will stop your gate from moving. 

To check if a dead battery is 100% to blame, try replacing them in the first instance. You can also use your intercom or exit buttons to see if your gate still works through these means. 

Are your gates stuck closed? 

Check that your gates have power and if you have an intercom system, check that this is working correctly.  

Check your main fuse board to see if the gates have tripped somehow. However, if in doubt, call one of our friendly engineers who can be with you in no time. 

How you operate an electric gate manually 

To manually open your gates, if they have shut and fail to open, you will need to use the manual release key and the gate’s built-in manual release mechanism. 

Insert the key into the lock or motor’s housing, and pull the lever or handle to disconnect the motor drive from the gate’s shafts and open arms. You will then be able to push the gate open manually. 

This is why it’s vital to keep your manual release key in a safe place! 

If you’re looking for an electric gate Leeds based company, look no further than Adfabs! 

Our team design, install and maintain all types of automatic gates to an exceptionally high standard. We want to ensure you get the most out of your investment; that’s why we offer the most competitive maintenance packages around – to find out more, call 01274 307117.

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