How do remote control gates work?

Sep 23, 2020

How do remote control gates work

Automatic gates offer businesses, as well as homes, increased security, privacy, and protection. 

Hence the reason why we continually see an increase in their popularity. 

Available in a complete variety of styles and range of materials, electric gates also come with a wide selection of control systems that allow you to operate the gates suited to your specific requirements. 

The design of remote controls for automatic gates 

The main parts required for a remote-controlled gate to operate include: 

  • A motor – required for the gate to move 
  • A safety device – to stop gates continuing to close when something or someone is in the way 
  • A transmitter – a mechanism that commands the gate to open and close. 

How do remote control gates work? 

To open and close electric gates, you can use remote control, gate remote, or remote fob. 

Most automatic gates open and close by the touch of a button usually found on a programmed remote (also known as the transmitter). 

The great thing about remote controls for gates is that these remote fobs can be small enough to fit into pockets or handbags, making them completely flexible and convenient. 

For the gate to open, however, the transmitter must send a signal to the receiver, which then passes on the command to the control panel, which then opens and shuts the gate. 

Remote control gates in the UK are only allowed to use two radio frequencies (433MHz and 868MHz) for the receiver and the transmitter to communicate through. 

Note:  If a new remote is added to an existing system, they must be tuned to the right frequency and coding type for them to work. 

Depending on the type of electric gate and remote control you use will then rely on the coding system that is applied.  For example, some will require fixed codes, whereas others will have rolling codes (the team at Adfabs is also on hand to help with coding). 

For anything to work correctly, these codes must match up with each of the individual elements. 

The electronic motors on electric gates are what ultimately make the gate move. 

The most common operation is through a hydraulic system; however, there’s also the electromechanical options. 

Different gates operate in different ways 

Sliding gates run on wheels that are driven by a static motor.  Here the gate slides along a toothed rack, which runs the length of the gate. 

Swing gates move on hinges that are found secured onto the gate’s pillars, and a range of methods such as hydraulic or electromechanical rams help to swing the gate open using an arm or underground motor. 

Types of gate access solutions 

Access control systems – a button is placed next to the gates which, when pressed, rings a bell or makes a sound inside the house.  Another button on the control panel can then be pressed to open the gates and let your visitors in. 

Intercoms are also a great alternative – offering the opportunity for two-way conversation, you can talk and even see your visitors before you let them onto your property. 

Mobile phone technology – a popular choice that is increasing at a rapid pace.  Allowing you to operate your gates from pretty much anywhere anytime (as long as there is a mobile signal, of course, and one that is compatible with the mobile network). 

Number pads – control systems with keypads are also handy if you want to increase security.  Using programmed number combinations to open your gates. 

Key fobs and key card readers – work when they touch the control panel and the gates open to provide access.  A great and flexible solution for many businesses who have employees clocking in and clocking out at different times. 

Making electric gates safe 

Electric gates are incredibly robust, and due to their strength, users do need to be aware that these gates can cause injury if you are to come into contact with them. 

However, several safety devices can be included in your electric gate system. 

Adding things such as safety edges or photocells can act as great buffers and deflect any harm or injury from occurring if someone or something were to get in the way. 

At Adfabs, we offer a variety of electric gate openers, remote control gates, and a range of accessories to accompany these. 

To find out more, speak to an Adfab team member on 01274 307117 – we’re only too happy to help!

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