Living in Leeds compared to London

Mar 19, 2020

leeds vs london

Leeds beats London hands down – there we said it! 

London may have the Queen and the beauty of the Shard, however, it also has extortionate property prices, rents that are quite frankly diabolical, a rush-hour like you could never imagine, the hell of the tube, and ultimately a fierce jungle where no one speaks to each other! 

In Leeds, you’ll find affordable property prices, greenspace to rest and enjoy, thriving employment and education section, and much more! 

In this post, we look at some of the top qualities that Leeds has to offer and more! 

Living in Leeds vs. London – what you need to know! 

Let’s start with a little bit of Yorkshire friendliness.  Leeds has nailed it when it comes to incorporating the Yorkshire friendliness.  Walking down the street, you can say good morning to everyone without it being strange.  However, have you tried saying hello on the tube to someone in London without it looking weird?! 

Being based in Leeds also means you can reap the benefits of living in the city without ever being too far from the countryside. 

This is the complete opposite for London, where you will find not a single national park, compared to Yorkshire two: The North Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire Dales. 

The big one, the cost of living. 

Leeds can provide you with a much cheaper cost of living all around.  From eating out to eating in, you’ll also find property prices to be around 165% cheaper in Leeds compared to London too! 

Leeds city centre might seem big; however, it is still all accessible on foot.  With everything located within walking distance, strolling to work or the nearest park is a breeze.  Can you really say the same about London? 

Leeds has the Kirkgate Market! 

One of the biggest covered markets in all of Europe, as well as the birthplace of Marks and Spencer, you can find everything you need and more at Kirkgate market. 

Yes, we know London has Kings Cross, but have you ever been on the platform at rush hour – madness comes to mind!  Leeds railway station is not only calm and collected; it has connections to everywhere, and at much lower prices too! 

Leeds also has Adfabs! 

Home to the leading electric gate manufacturing and installation company!  Keeping you and your property safe, at competitive prices, security gates from Adfabs can only be found in Leeds and throughout Yorkshire. 

Traffic is also a big selling point if you’re looking to move out of the big smoke!  Of course, yes, if everything were to go drastically wrong on the M62, then, to be honest, we’re all doomed; however, traffic hell is nothing until you’ve experienced the M25!  (Even tackling central London traffic full stop would be something we’d all look to avoid!) 

Let’s talk cycling. 

Now, cycling in London…. for us it’s about putting your life in your hands, with the volume of buses, impatient cab drivers, and pedestrians either in a hurry or no clue to where they’re going! 

The contrast is Leeds, where you can enjoy a peaceful and scenic ride along the canal as well as enjoy the 2014 Tour de France routes alongside the River Wharfe. 

In Summary 

Ultimately, you would need £4,551.89 in London to keep the same standard of living that you can have for £2,800 in Leeds. 

Consumer prices are 25.09% higher in London compared to Leeds. 

Restaurant prices are 26.88% higher in London compared to Leeds. 

Grocery shopping is 10.40% higher in London compared to Leeds. 

When it comes to Leeds vs. London, for us, there is no comparison.  If you’re weighing up the options of moving and want a city life that is not too far from the freshness of the countryside than Leeds could be the perfect location! 

Plus, in Leeds we also celebrate Yorkshire Day, what more could you ask for?!

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