What is composite cladding

Mar 18, 2022

What is composite cladding

When it comes to gating and fencing, there are a lot of equipment options that you can use. Some people might opt out of fences altogether and put up walls around their property, which look great the first time around but eventually chip and erode over time.

Then there are some that want to go the heavy metal route and use wrought iron metal to make their gates, fences or walls. These can rust and deteriorate over time and require a significant investment. There’s a better alternative out there, with the combination of nature and science to make composite driveway gates.

So what exactly is composite cladding?

It’s the marriage between timber and plastic to form an entirely sustainable and environmentally friendly composite. It is highly durable and very cost-effective compared to the alternatives, such as pure wood, stone or metal. Due to the material composition, it’s also much more water-resistant and won’t warp as timber does against humidity.

Another major issue when making fences or driveway gates out of wood and timber is that the weather can drastically change even though it might look stunning in the first few years. Over time and thanks to the varying climates in the UK, these will start to get a uniformed paler look that makes them go from beautiful to worn out.

How does it work with gates?

Those considering composite cladding UK related are in the right mindset. Electrical composite gates and composite driveway gates are perfect for the UK weather. Due to the resistance to the weather, these cladding boards work.

They can make up the whole of composite gates or be an effective outer layer for these driveway gates. In addition, they will maintain their colour and not lose their lustre so quickly over time, making this a great way to invest in your property aesthetics.

Speaking of aesthetics

Composite cladding works well in the creation of composite driveway gates or electrical composite gates and works well in architectural design. As mentioned above, composite cladding can work as an overlay to existing structures, providing an additional layer of durability and aesthetically pleasing addition to that structure.

For example, if you’ve got a stone wall around your property, composite wall cladding is a viable solution to update the look and feel of your home. It will also maintain the integrity of the original stone wall underneath.

Maybe you’re looking to spruce up your backyard or add a layer of privacy by installing composite gates throughout the back of the home. All of this can help improve the value of the house since composite cladding is both a staple protective and durable construction item and provides an updated look to your home and property.

How does it last so well?

You might hear the word plastic and feel like it’s going to have that cheap look and feel of a product entirely made of plastic. Remember, this is composite cladding, meaning that it’s a natural fusion of two items together. It actually gets closer to a look and feel of natural timber and provides a vibrant colour option.

These are also meant to last longer than actual wooden structures and will unsurprisingly maintain their shape, form, size and colour for the duration of their installation. They are easy to clean as well and can take the punch of a high-pressure water cleaner when used correctly and by professionals.

You might think that termites and other infestations might get into the composite cladding, providing a danger to electric composite gates or composite driveway gates. Still, they are not going to be food for those termites.

Composite cladding won’t splinter or rot either, enabling it to take a pounding from the weather without being concerned if the moisture will run down the wood and cause it to get mouldy and be more of a liability than a type of protection.

It’s cost-effective

Some might ask how much composite cladding is in the UK. The results will show that composite cladding compared to pure wooden cladding will be slightly more expensive. However, this is a higher cost initially.

The long term benefits of composite cladding will definitely be seen as the maintenance on this material compared to timber is negligible. Since they won’t rot or warp due to temperature variations, there’ll be less need to replace whole pieces of composite cladding during their lifespan.

That also means that if you were to install electric composite gates, they would be able to stay functional longer with no downtime that would be seen if the timber was used and the gate was under repair and construction.

It might seem like a no-brainer to build your composite driveway gates out of composite cladding and reinforce other parts of your home, even the exterior wall, with composite cladding boards.

This measure can be a type of armour around the structure in and around your property, improving its durability. It also helps to convert the property to a uniform look with cladding boards of all colours and styles. As a result, you get a nice timber-like feel and a contemporary and modern design.

Don’t wait any longer to use composite cladding the next time something needs to be built or repaired. You’ll wonder why you didn’t use it as your primary material in these situations previously.

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