Which is the Best Option – Steel or Aluminium Gates?

Sep 16, 2021

Which is the Best Option – Steel or Aluminium Gates

When planning your electric gates, you’ll find that there are various material options on offer. If this is your first time adding a gate security system, you may be unsure which would be the best option for your needs. Steel and aluminium gates are two of the top options, but generally, you’ll find that aluminium gates are a great option for almost any type of property. Keep reading as we share the benefits of these two types of electric gates and help you decide which would be the best option for your needs. Check out our page here for more information about installing your electric gates as well.

The Benefits of Aluminium Gates 

Aluminium is a strong material that will remain free of rust and rotting. It’s an excellent material for gates of all shapes and sizes, as it’s so easy to cut and shape to fit the space in your home. It’s a very low maintenance material, which is why so many homeowners opt for aluminium driveway gates. One of the things we love about aluminium gates is that there are many different finishes on offer. You can choose slightly different colours and shades to fit your home decor and the exterior of your property, making your gates an attractive security system for your home.

In fact, aluminium can be cut and assembled to look just like other materials, such as steel or wood. However, the material doesn’t pose some of the risks of these other materials, so you’ll find that it’s a great option regardless of what type of look and design you are aiming for with your new gates.

The Benefits of Steel Gates 

Steel gates offer a very sturdy and secure solution for homeowners, as steel is one of the strongest materials out there. If you are very worried about security, you may want to consider steel gates, as these can create a very imposing look for your property. You can be sure no one is going to want to try and get through the steel gates, which is one of the reasons you often see this type of material used for industrial properties.

Security of Your Electric Gates 

The main reason that a homeowner or business owner opts to add electric gates is for security purposes. When your gates are closed, it’s clear that you don’t want any visitors. While steel may be stronger than aluminium, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more secure. In fact, that really is more down to the posts and hinges of your gates and the aluminium gates design you choose for your home. The main consideration should be opting for well-made gates that are placed on a strong foundation. This will ensure that even in the most torrential rain or strong winds, your gates don’t go anywhere.

The Design of the Gate 

When it comes to designing your new gates, the top consideration should be what type of gate you are opting to build. You can choose sliding or swing gates, but you’ll find that swing gates often have issues when there is a lot of wind. A solid gate design is something that many people opt for with their gate access repair system in order to ensure that no one is able to see through into your home or business property.

If you have an issue with the wind in your local area, you’ll find that aluminium is a little more flexible when it comes to your gate security system. It allows you to choose from a wider range of designs and choose an option that’s both secure and attractive for the entrance to your home. Remember, you can always consider adding various extra design features at the end of the installation, to make the aluminium driveway gates look even more attractive and to create a more welcoming entrance to your home. While you certainly need to think about the functionality of these gates, it’s also important that they provide an attractive entrance to your home or property.

When it comes to adding electric gates to your home, we often recommend aluminium over steel. You’ll find that there are benefits to using both materials, but the more important consideration is the design and style of your electric gates. This will help to provide you with the strength and security you need to protect your property for many years to come. If it’s your first time adding electric gates to your home, you’ll notice there are many great benefits to this type of security system, which is why it’s so popular with homeowners across the country. For more information about adding electric gates to your home and what the best material would be for your installation, contact us today to discuss your requirements and any concerns you may have. 

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