Benefits of Electric Gates

Apr 3, 2020

advantage of electric gates

Found at the entranceway of commercial properties as well as residential homes, electric gates have a lot to offer.  Especially in terms of security. 

There are many different types of electric gates to choose from, and it’s important to weigh up your options, opting for not only the best gate but a gate that is most suitable to you. 

In this post, we consider the pros of electric gates and some of the factors you should think about when choosing the right gate for you. 

Why should you choose an electric gate? 

Some of the significant benefits of electric gates include: 

High level of security – electric gates acts as a considerable deterrent to opportunists.  Offering an increase in electric security gates help to protect you and your family further, as well as your business premises, assets, and equipment. 

Ultimately, these types of gates make it much harder to access your property, keeping your possessions continually protected, you don’t need to worry about belongings being stolen, or intruders entering your property easily. 

Convenience – electric gates offer great convenience as you can open these gates at a distance, meaning you no longer have to play rock, paper, scissors to decide who’s going to get out of the car in bad weather to open the gates!  It can also be peace of mind, as you don’t have to worry about locking up when you leave too! 

Versatility – electric gates are incredibly versatile as you have a variety of options to choose from. Designed and manufactured to your specifications and a range of materials (including timber, iron, steel, and more!)  Whether you prefer modern style or a traditional twist, Adfabs Automated Gates can provide it all. 

Easy installation – installation of electric gates is easy if your know-how.  That’s why we always recommend using a professional electric gate manufacturer and installer to ensure your gates meet all safety requirements and are compliant with the law.  Ultimately, qualified and professional electric gate engineers can help you to overcome all and any issues, making sure you get the gates you deserve, every time. 

Aesthetically pleasing – first impressions count, and automatic gates can help to add a feeling of grandeur, helping to create a beautiful looking entranceway to any home or business premise.  Add class and style to your property in an instant. Electric gates help to raise your kerb appeal, adding value to your property and increasing its attractiveness and appeal. 

An excellent investment – electric gates are a significant investment, providing you with complete peace of mind that your family’s safety and security are all taken care of.  You can also often command higher prices from the property with electric gates as they tend to offer an increase in value. This type of investment shows you prioritise quality. 

Increased safety – you can restrict vehicle and pedestrian access to your premises with electric gates.  Opening the gates from the comfort of your home. These gate systems help stop small children from wandering off, as well as keep unwanted people out.  Automatic gates also help to keep pets inside your property’s boundaries, as well as stop other pets from wandering on inside. 

Reduced insurance premiums – some insurance companies look more favourably on those properties that include electric gates, as many are fully aware of the benefits that electric gates bring, and the reduction in security breaches as a result. 

Increased privacy – electric gates help to reduce the risk of theft by reducing the visibility into your home. 

Create a safe and secure environment you deserve. 

At Adfabs Automated Gates, we’re committed to quality and safety with all of our electric gates.  Abiding by all laws and regulations, we boast a 5-star service throughout Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire. You can click this link to see our options. 

For electric gate design, fabrication, installation, repairs, and more, get in touch with Adfabs Automated Gates for the best range of electric gates, all at the most competitive prices in Leeds.

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