Electric gate systems you can rely on

Nov 30, 2020

Electric gate systems you can rely on

If you’re looking to install electric gates at the entranceway to your property, you need to ensure that these gates are fit for their purpose and safe for everyone to use. 

Automatic gates can be ideal for residential homes, schools, industrial sites, commercial premises and units, sporting venues, and so much more. 

However, electric gates should not be underestimated.  Yes, these gate systems provide great security and peace of mind that your property and premises are protected; however, they also pose risks of their own due to their weight and size. 

That’s why they need to be installed and maintained following all best practices and compliance standards. 

This is where the professionals come in. 

The team at Adfabs are experienced and trained professionals, ready to take on any challenge and provide the perfect solution to any property requiring electric gates in Leeds. 

Abiding by all Health and Safety guidelines and working within the Health and Safety at Work regulations, you can trust us that your gates are in good hands. 

Point to note 

For all, no official inspection or maintenance requirement surrounds electric gates, it is the responsibility of owners, installers, service providers, and maintenance teams to ensure they have taken all reasonable steps to ensure everyone’s safety.  I.e., You are legally considered responsible for the maintenance of your electric gates and can be found at fault if there is a problem, and an accident or injury is caused as a result. 

Our advice…always maintain your gates! 

Checks that should be done 

Continue to measure the gate’s opening and closing force – specialist test equipment is required to measure the force generated by the gates mechanism to ensure all safety standards are met.  This testing must be carried out by trained professionals complying with all British and European standards.  This testing should also be carried out at regular maintenance checks.  Note:  All gates should be CE kite marked for quality and safety, and gates should meet conformity under the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. 

A reverse mechanism is a must – gates must have a reverse mechanism, so when they hit something or something gets in the way, they start to retract – no one wants to be trapped between two solid doors.  An expert gate installer will be able to implement this mechanism and test it thoroughly to ensure everything is in good working order. 

Opt for gates with sensors – gates with sensors allow gates to stop in their tracks if something or someone is detected.  These sensors help to detect if something is in the way, preventing them from opening further or closing altogether.  Installing sensors offers a high level of safety but also provides a great deal of control to the owner. 

Risk assessments help put preventative measures in place – carrying out thorough assessments of the site where the gates will be positioned will help you choose the best design and type of gate for your premises, i.e., swing or sliding.  Groundwork and electrical experience from your installers are a must for these risk assessments to be complete. 

Fit an emergency release system – this is vital if an unforeseen circumstance happens, and someone does get trapped between your gate doors.  You need to be able to override the system quickly and effectively with an emergency release mechanism.  To work hand in hand with this, some gate owners also install CCTV on gates as this can help in emergencies too, where if no alarms are sounded, and no one can hear the person shouting for help, you may be able to see it on the CCTV camera.  CCTV systems add to your security, too, providing you with a bird’s eye view of your gates and premises at all times. 

Working with Adfabs 

A leading electric gate system Leeds provider, our team are true professionals in what we do, designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing high-quality gates, first-class gates.

We’re trained and qualified to meet all compliance measures and health and safety guidelines, providing a seamless service and complete solution – including all groundwork, electrical, remote control programming, and more. 

We want to ensure that your gates are fit for their purpose and regularly maintained and serviced to a high standard. 

That’s why we: 

  • Customise gate systems to meet your requirements 
  • Work closely with you 
  • Offer the best value and the most cost-effective prices 
  • Use cutting edge designs and installation processes. 

For a gate installation company in Leeds, you can trust, call Adfabs today on 01274 307117.

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