Most common problems with electric gates and how to fix them

Dec 14, 2020

Most common problems with electric gates and how to fix them

Automatic electric gates not only add a touch of class to your property, but they also offer a high degree of security and are incredibly convenient to operate.  Keeping your property secure while allowing you to access it without the need to get out of your vehicle (a lifesaver in bad weather conditions). 

However, problems on automated gates do occur, so these gates must be maintained to a high standard to avoid some issues people often experience. It’s also important to note that when problems do occur, they need to be dealt with asap, to avoid bigger and costlier problems arising. 

Electric gates troubleshooting 

The most common problems we receive call-outs regarding, issues you may encounter with your electric gate systems, and how you can fix them all, include: 

Your gate has started to make a strangely loud noise. 

A strange noise can be the result of various factors. However, the most common is a worn-out mechanism – typically the mechanism that operates the gate’s opening and closing function. 

This problem can quickly and easily be rectified by removing the mechanism and cleaning it thoroughly before refitting or installing a new part altogether. 

Your gate sensors have become blocked or stopped working completely. 

Electric gates Leeds operate using a sensor; however, insects and ants like to hide in warm places – places like the sensors on your gates.  Also, if sensors get covered in dirt or grime, covered in cobwebs or creepy crawlies, etc. they won’t work as effectively as they need to (this can also pose a big risk if sensors are used to detect objects or people in the way preventing the gate from closing on them!). 

A soft dry cloth can help to gently clean these away in no time, with sensors being cleaned on a regular basis as part of our gate’s maintenance. 

Power cuts can stop automatic gates in their tracks. 

Checking for blown fuses, working with the electricity company, and securing the perimeter will be necessary when a power outage happens. 

Automatic gates require a constant electricity supply to operate correctly and safely. 

Manual mode can be opted for in power outage situations (see below). 

Your electric gate remote control is playing up. 

Your gate’s remote control must be kept in good working order to keep the gate fully operational. 

Keeping a check on battery levels and replacing these when they run low is key. 

Batteries must be replaced when the light sensor begins to flash or is no longer flashing when you press the button to open and close the gate.  

If you need an entirely new remote, you will need to speak to a professional who can supply and program your new fob to your existing gate motor. 

There’s an obstruction in the gate’s tracks. 

Sliding gates need to be able to do just that – slide open and close smoothly.  Unfortunately, debris and small stones, sticks, leaves, etc. in the gate can become stuck in the tracks (runners) and prevent the gate from opening and closing properly, as they stop the motor from working. 

In such instances, it’s important to make sure your gate tracks are cleaned regularly; using an everyday sweeping brush and running this along the tracks will help. 

Your tracks are worn. 

If a track becomes too worn, it may need replacing and repaired by a professional team who really knows electric gates like the back of their hands. 

A short note about manual mode: 

There may be a time or situation when you have to put your gate into manual mode; this may be because there has been a power out or you’re having your annual service carried out.  The manual mode can be vital in these instances as it can avoid putting any additional strain on your motor in certain circumstances. 

A manual release key to test your system now and then is essential, and when your gate isn’t functioning quite as it should, it’s advisable to check that the gate isn’t stuck in manual mode as this will affect performance. 

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