Home Safety Starts at the Gate!

Jan 11, 2021

Home Safety Starts at the Gate!

When we think of home safety and security, we often immediately think of alarm systems and some form of CCTV as the primary means to keep our property safe. With advances in technology, doorbell cameras have also become increasingly popular as another mechanism that we can use to deter thieves from breaking into our properties.

But what about the installation of an automatic gate at the end of our driveway? We often overlook the benefits of investing in an electric gate, as we perhaps think it is only necessary for massive houses with huge driveways. However, in this post, we’re going to look at some benefits of installing a security gate at your home in Leeds, as well as how to ensure you maintain them to protect your property from potential thieves.

Increasing the security of your Leeds home with a security gate

The primary benefit of installing an automatic gate at your home in Leeds is for your family and possessions’ safety. Gates offer an extra layer of protection against thieves and act as a deterrent. Thieves are much less likely to target your property if you have an electric gate system, as it is one more potential hurdle for them to overcome. Although thieves can, of course, jump over your automatic gate, it’s difficult for them to steal the cars from your drive without the ability to open the gate.

Generally, metal gates are much harder for people to scale than wooden gates or fences, so a metal electric gate can be a wise investment for your home. To ensure your automatic gate is as secure as possible, you should check the following elements are operational and well-maintained:


Photocells are supplied with all security gate systems. They are crucial to your security gate’s operation, as they are fixed opposite on another across your gate system and are fixed with an infra-red beam. If the beam is interrupted, it sends a signal to the control pad, and the gates cannot close. You should regularly check that the photocells on your automatic gate are operational, and you can always add a pair on the outside for added security.

Safety Edges

Safety edges must be installed on any exterior edge of the gate, which could be identified as a trapping or crushing point on your gate. They are so important because they are pressure-sensitive, meaning that if they come into contact with an object they will crush, the edge will trigger a mechanism in the control panel that will ensure the gate stops and retracts. You should regularly check the safety edges on your automatic gate. If they aren’t operational, you could seriously damage something that passes through the gate, such as your car.

Flashing lights

An obvious way of warning people about your electric gate’s movement is to install a flashing light on either side of the entrance. For domestic properties, you may not think this is necessary, but it can save a lot of hassle and potential expense in the long term. The light doesn’t need to be overly bright, just something that informs people that your gate is in operation. This is just another added layer of security for your security gate and can help prevent any accidents.

Force testing

Having your automatic gate force tested is an excellent way of ensuring your gate is working well. With a force tester, you can check your automatic gate’s specific points to see how many newtons of force are required before the safety devices are triggered. It would help if you got your residential security gate force tested once a year to ensure compliance with industry-standard regulations.

Improving the aesthetics of your Leeds front garden with an electric gate system

In addition to providing apparent safety and security benefits, installing an automatic gate at home significantly improves your property’s aesthetics and is an excellent feature of your home. Electric gates are available in many styles and different types of metal, meaning you can find something to suit your requirements that will blend nicely into your garden without looking formidable or imposing.

To ensure your automatic gate is useful year-round, you need to regularly maintain it and check the elements that have already been listed in this post. To keep your home and cars secure, an electric gate system should be fully operational and controlled remotely from the inside. Security gates also ensure that unauthorised vehicles don’t access or block your driveway. This can be incredibly frustrating for people who live in the city centre or on streets close to schools or high street where parking is a problem. If you have a closed security gate throughout the day, people cannot park or turn on your driveway.

Conclusion: should I install an automatic gate at my home in Leeds?

The short answer to this question is yes! Installing electric gates is an excellent way of improving the security of your home, as it provides an extra obstacle to would-be thieves who are likely to be deterred from entering your property if you have a gate. Security gates also help improve your home’s aesthetics and provide an added layer of privacy to your front garden.

If you live in Leeds or the surrounding areas, we can install an electric gate system at your home to fit your unique style, design, and security specifications. With over 60 years’ experience in the industry, our on-site fabrication team can install an automatic gate at your home with minimal fuss and at a great price. So if you’re looking to improve your home’s security in Leeds, and you think an automatic gate is a good option for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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