Electric gates and power cuts

Jan 25, 2021

Electric gates and power cuts

Electric gates are designed to offer you security and convenience.  The chance to sit back when it’s raining in the comfort of your vehicle, knowing that your gates will automatically open to let you in and out of the property. 

Electric gates offer security, quality, curb appeal, convenience, and more.  Available as wrought iron, wood, or aluminium, you have a great choice in electric gates’ style and design. 

However, keeping them functioning properly is what really matters – even when there’s a power cut! 

Automated gates are powered and connected to your mains supply using electric gate kits with control panels that operate flawlessly so your gates open and close smoothly. 

But…. when there is a power cut, this flawless, smooth action can be disrupted, and we often get asked, “what will happen to my electric gate if the power goes out in my home?”. 

In answer to this very question: 

When a power cut happens, initially, yes, everything does, and will, come to a standstill; however, electric gates are designed and certainly installed by the Adfab team to overcome every eventuality. 

How to operate electric gates manually 

All electric gates will be fitted with what is known as a `manual release` mechanism.  This mechanism is what will allow you to disconnect the gates from the motor itself quickly and easily. 

The manual release is an extremely important part of an electric gate.  It is the element that allows your gates to be placed into manual mode, meaning you can continue using your gates by opening and closing them manually until all issues are resolved, and the power returns. 

Overriding electric gates using Allen keys 

The manual release mechanism operates like a key – either a typical style key or a large Allen key.  Designed for the underground motor, during a power cut or other emergency where a manual operation is required, the key must be inserted into the slot found under the gate hinge and turned to release the gate from its motors. 

At Adfabs, we provide all of our customers with a manual release key with spares available should you find you need an additional spare.  We advise that these manual release keys are kept in a safe place and ideally labelled, so it doesn’t become a “what’s this key for” type of key. 

Electric gates troubleshooting 

The engineer who has safely and securely installed your automatic gates will also walk you through the manual release system, so you know exactly how everything works, and you’re confident in using it should the need arise. 

However, if operating your gates by hand really isn’t for you, then there is a 24V option.  With these particular types of electric gates, a battery backup module is integrated into the design.  This backup system ensures enough power for your gate to continue operating for a while longer, often a perfect residential property solution.  Kicking in immediately, the battery backup allows the gate to operate approximately ten times off the battery alone.  Keeping convenience high and security at the top of everyone’s priority list. 

Power cuts are usually resolved quickly, so your gates should be back up and running in no time; however, please, if you do experience any further problems or you would like us to carry out quick maintenance and check-up on your gates, call us on 01274 307117. 

During a power outage, it’s advised that you keep your electric gates hooked open, so you don’t have to release the gates manually and instead can sit back and wait for the power to be restored. 

For those gates with magnetic locks, the power cut and the manual release key will release the lock itself, and the gates will then be able to be manually opened. 

Electric gate maintenance Leeds 

Automated gates Leeds should be regularly serviced so batteries, control panels, tracks, etc., can be checked and maintained to avoid any long-term issues, saving you time and money. 

We recommend annual services and maintenance for all-electric gates, keeping them safe and secure and prolonging their lifespan. 

Adfabs not only install high-quality electric gates Leeds, but we also provide regular servicing and maintenance, keeping your gates fully compliant with all safety regulations and legislation. 

We help keep your gate’s functionality intact, and we’re always at the other end of the phone whenever you need us in an emergency. 

Call us today on 01274 307117 and talk to a member of our friendly team to find out more.

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