Can You Make Normal Gates Electric?

Apr 30, 2021

Can You Make Normal Gates Electric

There are plenty of reasons to change your existing manual gates to electric gates, including convenience and security. Electric gates can increase your home’s value and offer greater privacy. The good news for anyone looking to add electric gates to their home is that you may be able to make your current manual gates electric. Keep reading to learn about the Yorkshire electric gates offered by Adfabs Automated Gates.

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You might not need to replace your existing gate if it can be automated 

Before considering buying new gates, you’ll want to look at key areas of your current manual gates, so you can see how to make gates automatic. Many people wonder can you make normal gates electric, and in many cases, this is certainly a possibility for homeowners.

If you have existing swing gates, consider the following: 

  • Can your gate swing in both directions without any obstructions or dragging? 
  • Is your gate robust enough to handle automation, or is it too worn out? 
  • Are the posts strong enough to hold the machinery needed for electric gates? 
  • Is there any rust on the hinges of the gates? 
  • Is your gate made out of wood? If so, it is unlikely to be able to support any additional weight.

If you have existing sliding gates, check the following: 

  • Does the gate move smoothly without getting caught? 
  • Is there enough space at the end of the gate for the gate operator to be installed? If not, can you extend the area so that it will be possible? 
  • Is your gate made out of wood? If so, it is unlikely to be able to support the weight of the automation.

Depending on the answers to the above questionsthere’s a chance you can use an electric gate kit instead of installing a new gate from scratchIt’s highly recommended that you hire Adfabs Automated Gates to do a site visit to check your existing gate, and they offer Yorkshire electric gate repairs and installation to fit your needs.

Requirements for Using an Electric Gate Kit

Swing Gates 

You’ll need to remove: 

  • Any wheels which are supporting the gates weight. Posts and hinges will also have to be replaced to support the gates weight adequately. 
  • Any bolts or catches used to lock the gate.

You’ll need to install: 

  • If your gate is narrower than 2 metres, install a hard stop for the gate to close against. 
  • If your gate is wider than 2 metres or has a rigid frame of 3 metres, you should buy an electric lock.

You’ll want to ensure there is enough space behind the gate when it opens. If your gate doesn’t swing freely, it’s likely the posts may need to be replaced or repaired. Finally, gates over 100kg should have ball bearings.

Sliding Gates 

Most of the procedures that need to be checked for manual swing gates also apply with manual sliding gates. However, your gate track must be even, as any dips may interfere with the gate motor. If your gate has a guidepost, ensure there is enough clearance behind the gate for the rack, which the motor will require. Make sure your sliding gate has an extension of two to three feet, so there is enough space for the gate operator chain brackets to be installed. Finally, you will also need mounting for a motor. This is typically a concrete pad.

Additional things to consider 

You’ll need a stable power source, as, without a stable power source, your gate will be unable to function. By using a professional company, you can avoid making any critical mistakes when it comes to electricity. Automated gates use very little electricity. When not in use, automatic gates use roughly 100 watts of power a day. When they are in use, they use around 700 watts of power. This usually only lasts about 20 seconds when operating in each direction.

When considering electric gate maintenance in Yorkshireit is recommended to service your electric gates several times a year. When a gate is being serviced, a technician will usually test the gates safety features to ensure it is in working condition. Moving parts like wheels and hinges will also be lubricated. Motors and other controls will be tested to ascertain if they are running correctly.

While considering if you can make normal gates electric may seem like a costly and time-consuming process, it’s one that’s well worth it for the additional security to your home. By checking out everything listed here, you’ll be able to decide if an electric gate kit is suitable for your current driveway and gates. Adfabs Automated Gates offer both electric gate repairs and electric gate maintenance in Yorkshire, so after the initial installation of your electric gates, you’ll have a local and professional company to rely on. They’ll be able to assist you in choosing an electric gate kit and provide you with the support and advice you need to secure your home for years to come.

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