Do I need a professional to maintain my electric gates?

Feb 22, 2021

Do I need a professional to maintain my electric gates

Yes.  Yes, you most definitely need a professional to install and maintain your electric gates – and no, we’re not just saying this because our Adfab team is some of the best electric gate installers in Yorkshire. 

Electric gates at the front of your property help set the tone and the prestige vibe you’re looking for. 

They are the first and last thing that people, your guests, see – so you want them not only to look good but operate perfectly. 

At Adfabs, we believe all-electric gates must be: 

Installed safely – safety with electric gates is vital, and gate installers should be experienced and qualified to do this, meeting all safety requirements and regulations each and every time. 

Of high quality – hiring electric gate professionals ensures a quality installation.  With high-quality control standards, a certified product that has been rigorously tested and approved, you can have peace of mind that quality is built into your gates. 

Customised – not every gate installation is the same because not every property or area is the same.  Professional teams will be ready and equipped to deal with all eventualities and customise your electric gates to suit your lifestyle and choice.  Whether this is an intercom system, card reader, or telephone entry system  – we can help with it all! 

Guaranteed – your electric gates installed by Adfabs are also guaranteed by Adfabs.  What’s more, we can also provide regular maintenance and service checks so you can continue to enjoy your gate every day – just like the day we installed it. 

Main reasons you should hire a professional 

Avoids costly future repairs 

Just like your car, electric gates require maintenance and servicing to keep them in good working order. 

DIY can be tempting, but it often leads to further problems and many more headaches further down the line. Electric gates have a sophisticated design making them much more complicated to fix.  Professional engineers can spot any issues and repair these quickly before they become something more sinister.  They understand the inner workings of electric gates and come fully equipped with the right tools.  Batteries can also be checked during these services, checking how much power/charge is left before they need replacing. 

Keeps you compliant with current safety standards 

There are various safety guidelines for commercial and residential electric gate installation, and while your gate might have been compliant at installation, changes may have occurred since then.  It’s important to understand that in the event of an accident involving an electric gate, the liability and responsibility lies with you.  Making it your responsibility to ensure the safe operation and ongoing maintenance of your gates and their kit.  The best way to keep your gate compliant is to have them reviewed regularly so that any additional safety measures can be detected and repaired. 

Increases the lifespan 

Regular servicing and maintenance help to increase the lifespan of your electric gate, keeping your gate running freely, always.  Clearing away dirt and debris, lubricating any moving parts, and ensuring tracks, cables, etc., are in good condition will all be carried out during your gate service. 

You’re covered if something goes wrong 

The risk of something going wrong is minimised if you use a professional.  And if something does go wrong, you’re also covered with guarantees on the work carried out.  Attempting to fix problems yourself could put your safety at risk – these are large pieces of electrical equipment and shouldn’t be tampered with without full knowledge, training, and experience. 

Hiring a professional saves you considerable time and money 

Professional teams have the right tools to get the job done, so you don’t have to purchase tools that will only be used once!  DIY can often make the situation worse and cost more in the long run; we also find that the results of DIY jobs aren’t always long-lasting repairs.  With the team at Adfabs, we can help identify all potential problems, even the least obvious ones, keeping your gates working and safe. 

How often should your gates be serviced? 

This really does depend on the volume of traffic and gate usage.  However, for commercial gates with heavy traffic, we would recommend a service every six months.  For residential properties, an annual service will be more than adequate. 

For all-electric gate repairs, Yorkshire call 01274 307117. 

Electric gates Yorkshire 

Adfabs is a trusted company, who understands the importance of maintaining electric gates to a high standard; going above and beyond, we’re experts at electric gate maintenance Yorkshire and can supply, install, maintain, and service a range of electric gate types and styles. 

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