Swing vs Sliding: Which is the Right Electric Gate for your Driveway?

Apr 16, 2021

Swing vs Sliding Which is the Right Electric Gate for your Driveway

Paying attention to the type of electric gates you install in your home is essential for your home security. Electric gates are a functional solution that can add more security to your home and improve the overall aesthetic of your home entrance. The most popular electric gate options on the market are swing electric gates and sliding electric gates. Today we are going to compare the differences between these two types of gates to help you understand which would be most suitable for your Yorkshire electric gates from Adfabs Automated Gates this year.

What are Sliding Electric Gates? 

As their name suggests, sliding metal electric gates are gates that slide in and out, moving from left to right, as opposed to swinging open. They are the ideal electric gate for a driveway for anyone with limited space in their driveway, as less space is needed for them to operate. If you have an uneven or rising driveway or one with a slope, they are also the best choice for your needs, as swinging gates can be challenging to install. Many residential homes use this style of gate, and they are suitable for wide openings. Sliding electric gates come in both short and tall sizes and are ideal for anyone looking to create a contemporary and modern first impression for their home. Finally, for anyone who has limited space for moving their car, sliding electric gates will always be your best option.

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Advantages of Sliding Electric Gates for Driveways 

Sliding electric gates are generally considered to be more secure than electric swing gates. They have more mechanical strength, so they can bear more wind pressure. Sliding electric gates provide you with more space to drive and park your car, as you won’t have to worry about the issue of hitting the gates when parking.

Drawbacks of Electric Sliding Driveway Gates 

In comparison to swing electric gates, sliding electric gates require a lot more maintenance and care, as their track must be clean and clear at all times. Even the smallest piece of debris could cause these gates to jam, which can be a nuisance to owners. Sliding electric gates are costly to install, as they have a more advanced opening mechanism that requires additional parts. Finally, many homeowners find these gates to be noisier to open, which may disturb you or neighbouring homes.

What are Electric Swing Gates? 

Electric swing gates create a wide half-circle to open, as opposed to sliding from side to side. There are multiple design options available, with some of the most popular ones including a single leaf short or tall gate, double-leaf short or tall gate, and a single or double leaf framed gate. Most homeowners find these gates to be a stylish option, and they are versatile enough to use on both contemporary and classic homes. You’ll need a good amount of space to install these gates, as the opening motion requires a good amount of clearance. They aren’t suitable for anyone with a sloped driveway but are good for anyone with a narrow opening who can’t afford the space for sliding electric gates.

Advantages of Electric Swing Gates 

In comparison to sliding gates, the installation is easier and requires less machinery. They are much lower maintenance, and you won’t need to clean a track. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, you’ll want to opt for electric swing gates. Finally, one great advantage is they create minimal noise, so you won’t have to worry about being disturbed when these are in operation.

Drawbacks of Electric Swing Gates 

The mechanical strength of this type of gate is much weaker, and wind can put a lot of pressure on their parts. While this isn’t something you’ll be worried about every day, in the case of a storm or severe weather, it could be a major issue.

When it comes to deciding which is the best option for your home, your number one consideration will be the space you have on your driveway. If you are limited for space, we recommend sliding electric gates, but you’ll still need to have a wide opening to install this option. If you currently have manual gates, you may also want to consider your options for transforming manual gates into electric gates.

Adfabs Automated Gates can assist with all of your Yorkshire electric gates needs, as well as providing electric gate repairs in Yorkshire. They offer professional assistance and can guide individuals to the best choice for their driveway, depending on the space available to them. Adfabs Automated Gates can install either sliding or swing electric gates into your home and will be happy to advise you on what option will look and operate best. Following the installation, you’ll be in safe hands with their electric gate maintenance in Yorkshire to keep your new gates running smoothly for years to come.

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