Electric gate materials, iron, and wood gates

Mar 11, 2021

Electric gate materials, iron, and wood gates

You’ve made the best decision to get electric gates installed on your property, but now you’re facing a small dilemma as to what material you should opt for, for your gates. 

Today you will find a wide selection of styles, types, colours of electric gates which can soon become a minefield of information. 

For example, do you want an elegant yet traditional feel adding character and depth to your property, or are you looking for something more contemporary fitting with the times, perhaps? 

Choosing the right material for your automated gates in Leeds is a big decision because, ultimately, electric gate installation is a big investment. 

In this post, we look at wooden gates vs. metal gates and the features and benefits of each to help you in your decision-making! 

Wood electric gate vs. iron gate 

We’re going to kick things off with iron and start by stating that iron gates are proudly found on a lot, and we mean the majority of stately homes.  This is primarily because they can be custom-designed to any style, shape, and design, and often crests are woven into the design of the gate, too, to add an air of sophistication. 

In this sense, iron gates can be very decorative features and fit with more modern properties, offering cleaner lines, manufactured to span wide openings while maintaining their durability and strength. 

In terms of an iron gate make-up, steel is harder and stronger than iron itself, so often iron gates will be manufactured using steel components, which as a result, provides iron gates with their strength and stability.  They can also be coated and galvanised to any colour you like, and this coating also helps protect them from rust. 

Iron gates often require less maintenance; however, they are heavier, increasing the risk of damage with moving parts.  

Not as elegant as wood; however, iron gates do come in a wider variety of styles, and the biggest benefit, they are lower in cost too! 

Wood electric gates 

Wooden gates, we have to admit, are very aesthetically pleasing. They’re also incredibly versatile and offer quite a degree of charm, making them a very popular choice. 

Classy, private, and elegant wood gates can increase your property’s value and appeal.  

Due to the various types of wood available, you also have a great choice of style, colour, and design. However, wood gates are generally constructed from softwood, making them readily available, cost-effective, and built to size. What’s more, wooden gates can be more environmentally sustainable than their iron counterparts. 

However, wooden gates must be treated with stains or varnish to help preserve their lifespan.  These stains and often paints also provide the gate with water and UV protection. 

Wood electric gates are more expensive than iron, and they do need to be regularly maintained and repainted after time.  This is because they are a little more susceptible to damage, whether this is from the weather or even those pesky small insects.  If caught soon enough, electric gate repairs don’t have to be expensive and regular maintenance does help to keep your gates working safely at all times. 

Overall, wood can be more durable and last in the region of 150 years if treated properly. 

Choosing the right gate for you 

You need to consider your property’s style, your budget, maintenance requirements, and your personal preferences to help make the best decision for you. 

Maintenance is a crucial requirement that gate owners, and gate owners to be, must consider. 

This is because once your gates are installed, gates need to be maintained and serviced to keep them compliant with regulations, safe, and in good working order always. 

Luckily maintaining your gates and automated gate repairs can be relatively straightforward; however, if your electric gate isn’t working, you should call a professional and experienced electric gate repair team  – a team like Adfabs. 

Benefits of automatic gates 

Whether you opt for metal or wood gates, electric gates: 

  • Increase security. 
  • Add value to your property. 
  • Offer an aesthetic appeal. 
  • Offer convenience. 
  • Deter intruders. 
  • Are resilient. 

At Adfabs, we offer a wide selection of automatic gates for both commercial and residential properties. 

From iron to wood, aluminium, sliding, and swing – we offer it all. 

For tailor-made security, gates call 01274 307117 or visit our page for more information.

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