Different types of electric gates

Sep 9, 2020

Different types of electric gates
  • Are you looking to upgrade the security provision on your property? 
  • Do you want to add style and perceived value to your home? 
  • Are you ready to upgrade your old gates to new, more versatile electric gate types? 

Great!  Let us take you through the types of automatic gates available so that you can make the best choice for you and your premises. 

What are electric gates? 

Electric or automatic gates primarily consist of a range of swing or sliding gate styles that are opened and closed using motors controlled by small remote controls or fobs. 

With a press of a button, a command from the transmitter to the receiver is sent, allowing the gates to open. 

Swing gates are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and secure. 

However, sliding gates are growing in popularity as they are considered more secure than swing gates as they’re much harder to force open.  They’re also extremely sturdy and robust, making them a great deterrent. 

Plus, if the ground inside the gated area is also raised, even ever so slightly, sliding gates still operate perfectly. 

Swing gates also require larger motors than sliding gates as more energy is needed to operate them. 

Automatic gates can be manufactured from a range of materials, colours, and styles suited to your requirements and preferences. 

The biggest benefit of installing electric gates Yorkshire is the increase in security that they can provide.  Offering not only a visual deterrent but a robust and secure barrier. 

Electric gate types

Swing gates – do what they say on the tin, they swing open.  This means they need enough space inside the property for them to swing round into it.  Swing gates also come in single or double panels; however, double panels are more typically found on larger properties.  These gates can be manufactured from wrought iron, aluminium, or wood. 

Bi-fold swing gates – think of these gates as normal swing gates that have been vertically cut in half, hence only requiring half the amount of space to swing open.  Either running on tracks on the ground or a rail across the top, bi-fold swing gates fold in on themselves as they open.  These gates can also open and close at speed – great if you experience continual vehicle traffic such as in car parks, schools, office blocks, etc.  These gates can also come in a range of colours and for commercial businesses that can also include company logos. 

Sliding gates – slide into space to the side of the gate.  In these cases, the gate entrance must be longer than the full width of the gate.  Running on wheels, which run along the track placed across your driveway’s entrance.  These tracks do need regular maintenance to keep them dirt and debris free.  These gates can also be manufactured from wrought iron, aluminium, or wood. 

Telescopic sliding gates – include gates of full height sections.  These sections then slide closed next to each other; hence they require much less space than standard panel sliding gates.  Separate tracks must be used for each gate segment, and again, the gate entrance must be longer than the entire width of the gate.  It’s important to note that these gates can only be installed on even ground, but they can be coated to a colour of your liking and operate via a variety of access control systems. 

Cantilever sliding gates – gates that don’t run along tracks but are instead weighted on one side- allow the gate to be suspended off the ground.  These gates are ideal for wider openings and are most commonly used in industrial settings. 

Electric gate openers 

Different types of gates require different kinds of openers, and you must choose the right one for your gate choice. 

Some of the most popular types of openers include:

Linear ram motor – most commonly found on swing gates, the linear ram motor is affordably priced and easy to install.  This particular type of motor is probably the most common found on electric gates. 

Underground – more discreet than their ram motor counterparts, these motors are installed in their protective case, underground.  However, the installation of these motors is a little more complicated and often a little more expensive. 

Articulated arm – the best automatic gate opener for smaller gates.  A hinged arm that can reach around wider objects, the articulated arm style motor is extremely versatile. 

Sliding – a motor that uses a cog and teeth action, combined with a guide track and roller guides that allow the gates to open and close. 

Remember:  The bigger the gate, the more power you will require to make sure the gate functions correctly. 

If you’re looking at ways to improve security and privacy, automatic gates could be ideal for you. 

Offering quick access, along with high-security levels, speak to the team at Adfabs today to see how our electric gate solutions can help you. 

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