10 reasons Leeds is the best place to live in the UK

Mar 5, 2020

life in Leeds

Rated as one of the best places to live next to London and Manchester, Leeds is standing tall and showing people what it is that makes it so great. 

And it’s not just because Adfabs, the leading electric gate company, is based here! 

These ratings also focus on employment, cost of living, and above all else, …happiness. 

Below are the top 10 reasons why Leeds is such a great place to live, work, and visit! 

Life in Leeds

Let’s kick things off with the culture. 

Leeds is rich in culture and renowned for its variety and array of art galleries and museums.  Such as the Leeds City Museum, the Thackray Museum, the Royal Armouries, and more! 

You will also find Leeds nestled alongside the most stunning landscapes and countrysides, which can especially be important if you’re moving to Leeds from a more suburban town. 

Second on our list of the exceptional choice of food and drink you have. 

Leeds city centre has some of the world’s best restaurant chains donning its streets, offering visitors and residents a great variety of cuisines and worldly tastes. 

However, the highlight of Leeds currently, (and also a feature that the team here at Adfabs love) is the fantastic street food on offer found at Trinity Kitchen! 

For some, it can be all about the shopping! 

Shopping in Leeds is incredible – with high streets and malls filled with big named retailers as well as unique boutiques.  

Of course, when the very modern Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre opened with big names such as Victoria Secret and Apple, shopping in Leeds was put on the map! 

However, it’s not all about the modern shopping experience that makes Leeds special; it’s also the historic shopping arcades, home to fashion brands Louis Vuitton and retailer Harvey Nichols. 

Then there’s the nightlife 

Leeds is renowned for offering a good night out.  With a range, and a large range at that, of chic wine bars, pubs and nightclubs, you’re sure to find something suitable for all tastes. 

Of course, it helps that Leeds also has a pretty good music scene too.  Birthplace to Corrine Bailey Rae and The Kaiser Chiefs, Leeds is also home to the biggest music festivals – Leeds Festival and the Reading Festival. 

It wouldn’t be right at this stage if we didn’t include in our list the well-known Adfabs. 

Renowned for providing high-quality security gates in Leeds, we help to increase the security of private homes as well as commercial businesses.  Helping to keep unwanted visitors out and the people you love and want to keep safe, in. 

With a range of electric gates in Leeds, look no further than the team at Adfabs. 

Moving on to the wonderful Leeds market. 

Kirkgate Market in Leeds is one of our favourite historical markets.  Offering food, culture, and impressive décor, Leeds market sees over 100,00 visitors every week. 

And for a little bit of history, in 1884 Marks and Spencer set up it is first-ever shop making Kirkgate market its founding location.  To this day, the market still the Marks and Spencer stall proudly. 

Leading the way in education. 

Leeds has three top-performing universities, two of which can be found at the heart of the city centre. 

Leeds Uni, in particular, is one of the top higher educational institutes in the country!  Whereas Leeds Beckett Uni boasts a strong and impressive sporting history alongside an academic record. 

Employment levels are high! 

Leeds has a creative, hardworking and diverse population of over 780,000.  Attracting some top talent when it comes to work, especially within the financial sectors as it places second in this field after London! 

We have excellent transportation systems. 

Leeds offers great public transportation systems with buses and trains all running regularly.  Leeds train station is undoubtedly one of the busiest in the country, and you will find a train that will take you almost anywhere. 

Cost of living in Leeds. 

For all Leeds is slightly more expensive to live compared with other cities further north, it is still over 165% cheaper than London! 

Growing in popularity are the suburbs where you can find lower house prices all a short distance away from Leeds city centre. 

Trust us in 2020, the place everyone wants to live, visit, and check out, is most certainly Leeds!

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