Why Do We Need Electric Gate Photocells?

Aug 13, 2021

Why Do We Need Electric Gate Photocells

If you are thinking about installing electric gates in your home, there are many components that come together to create an electric gate system. Here at Adfabs Automated Gates, we received many questions about gate photocells, and how photocells work and their purpose. Today we’re going to take a deeper look into this topic so you can understand how important these are in ensuring your gate security system continues to function properly.

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What are Photocells? 

Photocells are devices that are installed by your new automatic gates, and they ensure that the gate doesn’t close when a person or a vehicle is in the way of the gate. Each set of electric gates will have at least two photocells, and they will be put in a straight line that ensures the entire length of the automatic gates are checked for the presence of a car or person. Safety is our top priority when installing electric gates, and photocells help to keep anyone passing by your new gates safe from being crushed by the heavy gates.

How Photocells Work 

Now that you know what photocells are, you are probably wondering how this clever device works. The photocells are located in front of each other, and they are programmed to send a signal to each other and stop the gates when an obstacle is present. The transmitter sends infrared signals to the receiver, which will then detect this input. When it doesn’t see the infrared light, it knows that someone is in the way. It will then send a signal to the control unit, which forces your automatic gates to stop moving as they were. The human eye can’t see this infrared light, and it’s designed so that sunlight won’t disrupt its work or cause incorrect signals.

When installing a new gate security system, the alignment of the photocells will be carefully considered so that they will catch any cars or people passing by. It’s recommended that they are placed about 50 cm off the ground, but it’s imperative that these sensors are at the same height for them to work effectively. Photocells are connected to an electric current, and the transmitter will also need to be connected to the control unit. We always recommend using a professional team to install these photocells and your electric gate system as a whole to avoid any potential injuries in the future.

While you may think that you can add photocells and just leave them to do their work, we encourage you to maintain and clean this area. If you find that leaves, plants, or debris obstruct them after a storm, they’ll stop working effectively, which could cause a major accident. If you do find that they move out of alignment or aren’t working properly, call our team, who will be happy to inspect your electric gate sensors and realign them as needed.

What to Consider When Buying a Gate Photocell 

In order for your photocells to be effective on your electric gate system, we encourage you to look out for certain things when purchasing photocells. The quality and setup of these photocells will depend on the manufacturer, and our team can advise you on the best option for your electric gate setup.

Firstly, the range should always be big enough for your gate area. If the photocells can’t cover the width of your gates, this is a huge issue, and you’ll find that they don’t work effectively and protect humans and cars from your heavy gates. The technology that’s used in these photocells should always stop any form of interference, such as from the sunlight. Modern photocells shouldn’t be affected by the sun, but keep this in mind when you are choosing your photocells. 

Next up, you’ll want to think about the size of your photocells and how easy they are to install and adjust if needed. Don’t opt for ones that are too small to do the job effectively, but also ensure they can be moved if necessary in the future. Finally, you’ll want to ensure these photocells are resistant to the weather, burglaries, and potential tampering. These are an essential part of your gate security system, and you can’t afford them to be damaged or removed at any time.

When you are installing a new electric gate system, our team will be able to discuss with you the best photocells for your gates. Regardless of the size of your gates, there are photocells that offer the required range to protect cars and pedestrians who are passing your home or workplace. Electric gates are an excellent solution for homes and businesses who are looking to improve their security, and with a good set of photocells, you’ll have a safe solution that protects your property and everyone around you. 

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